Trade rumors

I don’t like to trade in the rumor-mongering world that much, or that often. But expect the Clippers name to pop up frequently in those types of stories the next few days. Basically, the Clippers have a lot of guys that a lot of teams have interest in.

My read is that the only untouchable guy on the team right now is rookie Eric Gordon, followed closely by Al Thornton, Zach Randolph and Marcus Camby.

That’s right, Marcus Camby. I’ve been repeatedly told the Clippers do not want to trade Camby. And really, why should they. Camby has a relatively inexpensive contract, has been a great team leader and is playing like an All Star.

Now, does that mean the team would never trade one of the aforementioned players? No. It means they don’t want to trade them and it would take a lot to change their minds.

Notice, however, who I did not list among the untouchables and draw your own conclusions. The best way I can explain it is that the Clippers are listening and taking calls. I wouldn’t say they are making a ton of them.

I was told, however, that if the Clippers were trying to dump Kaman’s salary, they could’ve done it in two seconds. In other words, that’s not the objective.

Their front office believes that if everyone is healthy, the team can contend for a playoff spot. Coach Dunleavy has spoken repeatedly about wanting to see how Camby, Randolph and Chris Kaman play together, which still hasn’t happened.

But this time of year, you always answer your phone.

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