Clippers win the Draft Lottery!

For the first time since 1998, the Clippers get the first pick in the draft. Even though they had the third highest chance to get it this year, they passed by Sacramento to take the Top Spot. (Sacramento, the team with the worst record – fell to fourth)

Blake Griffin of Oklahoma is thought to be the first pick in the draft. The 6-10 forward had 30 double-doubles last season for the Sooners and averaged over 20 points and 14 rebounds for the season. Ricky Rubio could also be the first pick, since the Clippers have a couple of big power forwards on their roster already.

Hopefully, the Clippers use the pick wisely, since their last #1 was Michael Olowokandi – and they passed on people like Vince Carter and Paul Pierce, among others.

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