Blake Griffin official introductory press conference

More to come from it later, but in the meantime, here’s an interesting blurb from Assistant GM Neil Olshey.

I asked him if the front office would be comfortable with Mike Taylor as the primary backup to Baron Davis at point guard.

“I think we would. Mike made progress during the year — he had played off the ball in the D-League, he was more of a scorer in college, so it was a different mindset for him. I think the way the Coach wants to play — playing up-tempo, pushing the ball, he’s as quick between the baselines as any other point guard in the league — but what we’ve gotta work on is his decision making and that’s what we’ll do in summer league. Getting an entire offseason with him, playing pickup in the gym with NBA players, the men’s gym at UCLA, the open runs there, getting him more comfortable with making plays for other people, but he’s got the tools. He can handle the ball, he’s got speed with the ball, he can finish at the rim, so it’s just a matter of him trusting and understanding that we’ve got big time scorers around him and he just needs to facilitate and get them the ball.”

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