Excerpts from talk with Olshey

“Regarding the draft, there were a lot of people without picks that were trying to get into (the first round), and there’s a point, you know, in the second round, where overpaying for a pick makes it prohibitive: you just don’t get the same value. And that was a decision we made. We looked at some picks in the late first round but as we saw the way the draft was falling the guys we had targeted were all off the board.

“There are guys that we thought might be available later in the first round and those are the teams that we talked to, but when we saw the draft break, there was a run of those players, basically like 8 of the 9 guys that we had targeted that we’d acquire picks to get, were off the board.

“With the free agent market this summer, I think there’s gonna be some bargains out there that we can kinda start looking for.”

More to come.

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