More from Olshey on offseason plans

About the trade rumors involving Zach Randolph, Olshey said:
I think my owner summed it up best: you don’t give away guys averaging 20 and 10. I think the plan is, right now, not to give up a guy who’s averaging 20 and 10. One of the things Blake talked about on the stage was his versatility, and we think he can guard multiple spots on the floor. The pace we want to play at, there’s gonna be minutes, because guys aren’t gonna be able to play 43 minutes a game flying up and down the floor, up-tempo, in attack mode all the time. Baron called the other day — he’s lost weight — and he’s working out every day, he’s in phenomenal shape.

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We went and got Zach because we really felt like we needed a low post scorer. We got him, and he delivered. The guy averaged 21 and 9 for us, and that’s not gonna go away just to make room on the roster.

Look, Cuttino Mobley was one of our most valuable players; he was the ultimate professional, he was our best perimeter defender, but the opportunity came up to get Zach and improve the team and we took it.

Mr. Sterling’s said from the beginning that we’re gonna spend whatever it takes to win, so, we’re as responsible as possible with it, but at the end of the day, if we see an opportunity to improve the team, we’re gonna take it.

Mike and I are both from New York. New Yorkers pretty much don’t talk about anything until it’s done, and I’m gonna continue to do that, but I will say, whatever it is with trades — whatever the conjecture is, at the end of the day, we’re gonna look to make the team better.

Right now, Mr. Sterling loves the talent we’ve got, and we’ve got a little bit of a logjam and if we can relieve that, great, but if not, I guarantee Coach will be able to figure out a way to get them all on the court.

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