Camby weighs in

I text messaged Baron Davis, Al Thornton and Marcus Camby tonight to get a bit of reaction to the Clippers draft. Only Camby wrote back, which on the surface is a little surprising because Blake Griffin’s presence is one of the main reasons why Camby’s name keeps popping up in trade rumors. But if you know Camby — as stand-up a guy as there is in the NBA — it’s not all that surprising.

Anyway, here’s what he had to say:

“I think Blake is a tremendous young talent with a great future,” Camby wrote. “I feel he can really help this team and organization.”

Clippers take Griffin

Surprise, surprise. We’re about to do a conference call with the No. 1 pick of the 2009 NBA draft, former Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin. The Clippers made him their selection at approximately 4:35 P.M. PST after more than a month of speculation (and near-confirmation) that he would be the choice.

Clippers jerseys bearing Griffin’s name and number are now available. We’ll have more from Griffin in a bit; he told ESPN that, “It’s great to know exactly where I’m going and it is set in stone.”

Dunleavy/Olshey comments on Thursday’s NBA draft

Clippers Head Coach and General Manager Mike Dunleavy and Assistant GM Neil Olshey spoke to the media today about their draft day plans and how the roster might shape up. Surprisingly, very little was focused on the 20-year-old Oklahoma forward they’ve all but confirmed they’re taking at No. 1. Read on for more.

Don’t be surprised if the Clippers swing a trade for a late first or early-second round selection where they could take a “perimeter” guy, as Dunleavy mentioned. Spots to keep an eye on: In the first round, Nos. 33 (which, you may remember, once belonged to the Clippers), 35, 38, 39, 44, 55, 56.

Guys the Clippers are rumored to have thought about and could select if they trade for a second (or third) pick, in alphabetical order:

Chase Budinger, SG, Arizona (failed to live up to his potential in college, but still a lot of upside)
Toney Douglas, SG, Florida State (many liken him to Ben Gordon)
Darren Collison, PG, UCLA (a good bet to have at least some success at the next level)
Wayne Ellington, SG, UNC (good shooter, but not incredibly athletic)
Danny Green, SF, UNC (his ceiling is lower than any of these guys’, but a good role player)
Jack McClinton, PG/SG, Miami (a slightly better version of Daniel Ewing, but more selfish)
Jodie Meeks, SG, Kentucky (a prolific scorer who would’ve benefited greatly from staying for his senior year)
Patty Mills, PG, St. Mary’s (an interesting, score-first point guard who may — or may not — have a first-round guarantee)
Jermaine Taylor, SG, UCF (a poor man’s Eric Gordon)
Marcus Thornton, SG, LSU (more of an undersized 3 than a 2)

Continue reading for the full transcript of both of Dunleavy and Olshey’s interviews.

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Hello again

Hey Clipsnation,

Been a while since I posted in this neck of the woods. I’ve been off with the Lakers for the last couple months. But I wanted to weigh in on Saturday’s open workout for Blake Griffin.

If you’ve been around the NBA a while, the fact that Griffin’s workout is open is pretty unbelievable. Last year, for example, the Clippers had a clandestine workout with O.J. Mayo, and some closed workouts for other potential picks with their No. 7 overall choice (Eric Gordon).

But it’s pretty easy to read between the lines here. The Clippers are taking Blake Griffin. No need to be coy here. They’re not going to do something weird, they’re not going to screw this up, they’re taking Blake Griffin and don’t mind who knows it. … Particularly their fan base, which needed some good news after a 19-win season.

The scheduling of the workout is no coincidence either. Not only is the workout open to the media, there will be a shuttle running from the Lakers practice facility ready to take any curious local or national media in town for the NBA Finals over to the Clippers pristine new facility in Playa Vista.

For appearances’ sake, no one within the organization will absolutely confirm that Griffin is the choice, unlike the NFL the NBA doesn’t really like it when teams choose a player before the draft, but short of the Bulls offering up Derek Rose or the Hornets making Chris Paul available, it think it’s pretty fair to assume the Clippers will be picking the athletic power forward from Oklahoma.