Dunleavy after the game

Here’s what coach Mike Dunleavy had to say after the Clippers 99-92 loss to the Lakers Tuesday night:

“We’re not looking for any moral victories, I’m glad our guys played hard all the way through. There were some times during the game where they could have folded and could have left it right open. Instead we kept coming back and making some plays.”

On playing the Lakers:

“Taking them on any night is a tough challenge. They put a lot of pressure on you.”

On Blake Griffin’s injury:

“He didn’t die. He’ll be back in six weeks. He’s in the locker room, we saw him, we put our arms around him, we hugged and we kissed him and he’s going to be back.

“The kid’s going to be fine. Yeah, we’re disappointed he’s out, but it is what it is.”