Knicks game starts in about an hour

The Clippers start a three-game home stand tonight against the New York Knicks, whose fast-paced offensive style shouldn’t be that much of a problem for the young and athletic Clippers.

The most interesting points of the game should be the direct matchup between Blake Griffin and Amar’e Stoudamire in the paint, Knicks Mike D’Antoni’s fast similar and the return of Randy Foye for the Clippers. Foye’s 37% from three-point land should improve LA, which is statistically the worst three-point shooting league so far.

48011-starters1 copy.jpg

For a more in-depth pregame report, check out the Clippers Carmax Pregame Report

Tonight’s game is the first of three consecutive home games, followed by a quick trip to Phoenix, then home games with Utah (next Sunday) and San Antonio. LA currently has the worst record in the league at 1-12 and have lost eight games in a row. They are obviously looking to turn that around – starting tonight.

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