Clippers lose to Warriors on the road

Golden State used an 11-point advantage in the second quarter to take a lead and a 10-0 run at the end to seal the home win over the Clippers.

Vladimir Radmanovic hit two three-pointers in the fourth quarter in the 10-0 rally that was the breaking point for the Clippers (13-25). Radmanovic finished the game with 13 points, while Stephon Curry had 23, Monta Ellis led the team with 30 and David Lee scored 19.

Blake Griffin had yet another double-double for the Clippers with 28 points and 13 rebounds, while Eric Gordon also scored 28, Baron Davis had 15, Ike Diogu added 13 and DeAndre Jordan 11.

The Clippers had won three in a row before today and host the Lakers Sunday at Staples.