Clippers looking to tie a record and deliver a little payback, too

To hear the Clippers talking Wednesday morning at their shootaround, tying the franchise record for consecutive victories with 11 would be nice. Beating the stuffing out of the New Orleans Hornets on Wednesday night would be even better. The Hornets are the last team to beat the Clippers, taking them down Nov. 26.

“I really think more important is New Orleans beat us a couple weeks back,” backup small forward Matt Barnes said. “They celebrated like they won a championship. So, I think that’s on our minds first and foremost. Tying the record is important for us, but we’re looking more forward to the payback.”

Asked about the streak, power forward Blake Griffin said: “I haven’t even thought about it. It’s cool to hold or break a record, but at the same time there hasn’t been a lot of competition, no disrespect to what’s gone on in the past. A lot of the other franchises, it’s probably a lot higher than that. We’re not really thinking about that.”

When asked if the Clippers were looking for a payback from the Hornets, Griffin said: “Absolutely. We remember what it felt like last time. We remember their reaction after the game. It didn’t sit right with us. That’s been on our minds for a while now.”


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