Charles, Kenny and C-Webb talk about the streaking Clippers

If you missed any or all of the chatter last night on TNT, here are a couple of thoughtful comments about the Clippers before, during and after their rout of the Boston Celtics. The victory was the league-leading Clippers’ 15 consecutive.

Charles Barkley on how to beat the Clippers: “I don’t like their half-court offense. As long as they are running and dunking, they will be tough to beat. But if you slow them down and make them walk the ball up and down the court, I think that’s going to be their bug-a-boo.”

Kenny Smith on how far they can go: “I think they can get to the Conference finals.”

Chris Webber on the Clippers’ new identity: “The thing that’s different about this team is that we’ve watched them progress and this team has an identity now. It’s an identity of hard work and a hard-working bench. It’s an identity of a group of guys that really want to get after it. What this team has that other (Clippers) teams haven’t had is a trust with fans and themselves that they’ll follow through on their mission.”