Clippers to Lamar Odom: Shoot!

Everyone on the Clippers appreciates Lamar Odom’s unselfish style of play.
Everyone’s also been asking him to shoot more and they got their wish when Odom scored 18 points Saturday in a win over Utah.
“We need him to be able to do that,” Del Negro said. “It gives us another dimension when he’s hitting those shots, it opens up the floor. Not only was he taking good shots but I liked when he was facilitating off the dribble not for anybody but for himself to score.
“He’s physically feeling better, but we need him to be more aggressive like that. It doesn’t mean he’s always going to get 18 points or shoot that high a percentage, but the threat of him doing that changes everything for us when he’s that aggressive.”
It was not only the second time all season Odom had scored in double figures, it was only the second time he had reached double figures for shots. He made 8 of 15 from the field and 2 of 3 on 3-pointers.

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