Clippers-Nuggets: Battle of the bench

The key to the game? Well, the Clippers are a league-leading 33-2 when outscoring opponents in the first quarter.
The Clippers can usually rely on jumping out to a lead and having their bench not only hold the fort, but add to it. But when they face the Nuggets, they meet their match.
The Clippers lead the league in bench scoring (40.8 points per game) but Denver’s not far behind (40.0 percent). The Nuggets’ reserves are shooting 47.3 percent from the field, the Clippers 45.0 percent.

Clippers: Attitude at altitude

One of the toughest endeavors in the NBA is a stop in Denver to face the Nuggets after a game the night before.
That being said, does Blake Griffin have another triple-double in him? What’s Jamal Crawford cooking up for this one?
Something has to give, though. Denver has won 11 consecutive games at home, the Clippers are riding a five-game road winning streak.
The Nuggets could also close in on the Clippers in the standings. The Clippers are three games ahead in the loss column.