Pregame chat with Del Negro on Clippers’ Game 2 vs Memphis

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  • eriksuperman

    After the first game I thought Memphis would come out a bit
    faster and more aggressively, and as Coach points out, they absolutely
    did. I was expecting the nuggets/Warriors series to be the only one
    exciting enough to watch, but both Memphis and CP3 have proven me wrong.
    It was a heartbreaking loss for the Grizzlies but they nearly stole one in LA,
    and need to work just a bit harder to get back on track at home. I was
    working my shift at DISH during the first half, but when I was done I turned on
    the iPad and watched the second half live on the bus ride home. My DISH
    Anywhere app lets me stream my live TV channels and DVR while I’m out on-the-go,
    and it’s really cool being able to tune in to the action live, rather than
    having to wait until I get home to start the DVR.