Clippers, Celtics and talks over Kevin Garnett, Doc Rivers

The head-spinning flurry of rumors is at a standstill for the moment.
A sign-and-trade that would send Blake Griffin to the Lakers and Dwight Howard to the Clippers? A deal with Boston that could ultimately land the Clippers Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and the rights to Coach Doc Rivers’ contract?
The Clippers not willing to part with guard Eric Bledsoe or center DeAndre Jordan?
Draft picks, anyone?
Oh, and by the way, the Clippers have apparently narrowed their coaching search to two candidates, Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw. But in the high-wire act of potential player movement, that decision is so next week.
Just as all of the trade talk could be as well. After all, how can the Lakers, with their max free-agent offer awaiting Howard’s approval, agree to anything before they are even allowed to talk to Howard at 12:01 a.m. July 1?
The Clippers, of course, still have their own housekeeping to take care of with free agent guard Chris Paul.
In terms of the Celtics and Clippers, Garnett and Rivers (wonder how he counts in the salary cap?) would be winging west if the Clippers parted with Jordan, Bledsoe and two first-round picks. Too steep.
It doesn’t end there. Bledsoe could be dangled in the direction of Indiana (in a deal involving Danny Granger) or Orlando (Arron Afflalo).