Clippers’ Blake Griffin, Euro?

This might have been the last thing you’d expect as an assessment of Blake Griffin’s game. But Clippers coach Doc Rivers sees a the high-flying All-Star from a different perspective than most.
“A super athlete, but much more than that,” Rivers said. “I don’t think he gets enough credit for all the other stuff. His dunks sometimes block out all the other things he does. I think one of the best attributes no one knows – I think he’s a great passer. I’m talking European-talented passer.
“I think he’s that good with the ball at the elbows. We’re going to get him there some and allow him to be that.”
Before you think the Clippers’ star is going to be molded into the second coming of Toni Kukoc, Rivers also sees a defensive stalwart in the making, one who can clog the lane with DeAndre Jordan next to him.
“I think he can be a better defensive player,” Rivers said of Griffin. “(He) and DeAndre, that combination I think has a chance to be the best combination in the league defensively. When you’re young, there’s growth and he has some growing to do.”

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