Reggie Bullock’s Clippers intro right on the number

Reggie Bullock was unveiled as the Clippers’ newest draft pick on Monday afternoon, and so was his new uniform.
Standing alongside, the jersey bore No. 25, the same number Rivers wore during his NBA career, which included a one-season stop with the Clippers. No pressure there.
“Being a Clipper, coming to one of the best cities in America, playing for one of the best coaches and playing for a great team, I’m just trying to bring whatever I can to this team just try to help them out the best way possible,” said Bullock, who was the team’s first-round pick in last month’s NBA Draft. “I’m just going to play my game. They’ve seen so much film on me they know what I’m capable of doing, which is shooting the ball and defending. So I’m just trying to be effective on defense and knock down the shots when they come to me.”

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