Doc Rivers likes the Final word

The NBA owners voted unanimously Wednesday to return the NBA Finals format to 2-2-1-1-1 instead of the 2-3-2 setup that’s been in use since 1985.
Clippers coach Doc Rivers figured it’s about time.
“For a lot of reasons I think it’s good,” Rivers said. “No. 1, we play one format throughout the playoffs then all of a sudden in the Finals it’s a different format. I’ve never figured that out.
“And then the second part, I just think if you’re in the Finals, you’re playing against another really good basketball team, the chances of you beating anyone three times in a row is extremely hard to do. And then also if you have a 3-2 lead and you’re the team without homecourt, Game 6 should be at home, not Game 6-7 on the road.”

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