More banner banter from Clippers

Yes, Lakers fans, you can harp on the Celtics as much as you can the Clippers for the banners being covered up at Staples Center during Clippers games.
During the Clippers’ 106-77 victory over Boston at Staples Center, then-celtics coach Doc Rivers was looking for any distraction he could find. Trainer Ed Lacerte delivered.
“He taps me on the leg and says, ‘Look at that.’ I wanted to look at anything at that point, we’re down 30 points,” Rivers said. “And I look up, you see all the banners and he said ‘I would never have that.’ I thought he’s right. So again, the Lakers can blame a Boston guy.”
Rivers said he has “pretty much had the gamut of feedback, mostly positive” in reaction to the Clippers’ players adorning that wall of the arena.
“It’s the Clipper court and that’s the way we feel,” Rivers said. “It’s not a disrespectful thing at all, it’s not intended that way at all. It’s more that when we play at our (place), it should be about us and only us.”

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