Redick brings his new look to Clippers

J.J. Redick finally shook off that bruised thigh and was in the Clippers’ starting lineup against Utah Wednesday night. Coach Doc Rivers has talked of Redick’s presence in the offense, describing his movement and work off of screens can be its own offense.
Rivers wasn’t looking for much more from Redick’s debut.
“Just what he gives us,” Rivers said. “He’s such a pro so he’s going to give you automatic energy. No one wants to guard him because he never stops moving and that in itself is an offense for us at times. I’m really curious to see how that looks.”
Redick’s first stint consisted of five points on 2-for-3 shooting, including a 3-pointer. The miss was an airball from 3-point land. Redick also picked up two fouls.
“He’s smaller so defensively I’m curious to see how that looks,” Rivers said. “But I like him on the floor. It looks good.”

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