Doc Rivers confirms Redick deal was nearly scuttled

Doc Rivers confirmed before Tuesday’s game that the deal that brought J.J. Redick and sent Eric Bledsoe to Phoenix was nearly scuttled by Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
The three-way deal was Rivers’ first move as Clippers executive vice president and was completed before teams could officially announce personnel moves. Rivers reportedly had a second meeting with Sterling to convince the owner of the move, and it never reached the point where Rivers might resign over the decision.
The story was reported by Yahoo Sports.
“Well, I didn’t read the article but I’ve heard about it, let me just put it that way,” Rivers said. “The facts from what I hear are true. Having said that, the deal got done.
“I think that happens all the time, more than you know. A deal was done, someone gets cold feet. Unfortunately during the moratorium, which is the worst time, if you do a deal with 10 days left, there’s a chance that something can go wrong and it almost did. But fortunately for us it didn’t.”

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