Clippers have their tenacious DC

Reserve guard Darren Collison may be scuffling along offensively – he entered Monday’s game shooting 31.6 percent from the field – but Rivers doesn’t mind.
Especially when he can be the spearhead in the Clippers’ defensive plans.
“He’s not a pure point guard, he’s just a guard that’s small,” Rivers said. “But the thing I love the most about him and he had an impact in the game the other night, he has the ability to put pressure on the ball and get into guys.
“He guarded (Houston’s) Patrick Beverley and then he guarded (James) Harden at the top and it was very tough to shake him. It’s nice to have a guy that you can say, ‘Go sic ’em.’ That’s what we want him to do.
“I could care less about the points. He’s going to get the points because he has speed. He’s going to get points because he’s playing with four really good players a lot and the ball will find him and he’ll have a shot. I just want him to be a great defender. His offense will come.”Clippers

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