Doc Rivers sees a lot to Love

Minnesota’s Kevin Love entered the game averaging 26.9 points and 14.4 rebounds, but the appreciation for the former UCLA star’s game doesn’t stop there. Rivers marveled at Love’s ability with the outlet pass.
“My dad pounded into me about Wes Unseld, so that’s who Love is,” Rivers said. “Every time I mentioned someone had an outlet pass, my dad said ‘He’s not a Wes Unseld.’ I’m going to say Wes Unseld.”
Unseld, the undersized Hall of Fame center, was Rookie of the Year and MVP in the 1968-69 season. Rivers said Love has the best outlet pass since the Unseld.
“Not in my recent time,” Rivers said. “Charles Oakley, who was one of my teammates, threw them but he usually threw them out of bounds. Tell him someone else said that.”

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