DeAndre Jordan a minuteman for Clippers

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was duly inspired when Rivers arrived and tagged Jordan with defensive captain status. Furthermore, Rivers vowed that Jordan wouldn’t be banished to the bench during fourth quarters because of his free-throw shooting troubles.
It turns out that Rivers has relied on Jordan perhaps a lot more than he initially intended. Jordan entered Wednesday’s game against Oklahoma City averaging 36.8 minutes per game, second on the team and No. 15 in the league.
Jordan averaged 24.5 minutes per game last season. Rivers said he’d rather not have Jordan continue this season at his current clip.
“I hope not,” Rivers said. “I hope we can cut those minutes down a little bit. He’s been so important for us, but that’s a lot of minutes. I’d love him to get to the average of 35, I guess. He’s been needed, but I hope we can get it down.”

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