Doc Rivers was out of the loop in Clippers talks

Rivers was asked if he thought at some point he would remain united with Pierce and Garnett with the Clippers as the club negotiated with Celtics president Danny Ainge.
“Some day a book will be written about that whole thing,” Rivers said. “It was the damnedest thing. I don’t think people got that. I was pulling zero strings. The Clippers were negotiating with the Celtics and I was sitting there . . . it was strange. At times it looked like it, the at times it didn’t. There were times I went by what was in the media. I was on the outs on that one.”
One thing the Celtics knew at the time was they were in for some changes as the cast of the former champions aged.
“I thought we were closer to the end and Danny and I did talk about that a lot,” Rivers said. We had to make some changes, there was no doubt about that, either by adding more guys to support them because trying to carry a team at those ages is very hard. Expecting health at those ages is very hard.”

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