Lamar Odom not a Clipper just yet

Lamar Odom is not (again) a member of the Clippers. Yet.
Clippers coach Doc Rivers acknowledged meeting with the former Lakers and Clippers standout on Friday but said no decision on a possible agreement was made.
“Lamar Came in and we had a discussion. That’s it,” Rivers said. “I’m not going to give you more than that, honestly.
“I’ve always had interest in him. I think I’ve stated that since day one. I’ve always liked him. The teams he’s played and the coaches who have coached him have always liked him. It really didn’t go much further than that. Good conversation. I hadn’t seen him, I just wanted to see him.”
Odom, 34, played with the Clippers last season but has has well publicized detours in his personal life since, including a DUI charge.
He played in all 82 games and averaged 4 points and 5.9 rebounds per game in 2012-13.
“I’ve heard it’s been reported about all that, but it really was just wanted to see him physically and see how he’s doing,” Rivers said. “He looked good. He looked like his weight was way down and in good shape, but that doesn’t mean a lot.”
That’s as far as it went, Rivers added.
“Obviously I do like him,” he said. “Right now it’s more me just sitting down. I haven’t had a chance to.”

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