Clippers discover Antawn Jamison

Finally, an Antawn Jamison sighting.
On Sunday, Jamison’s 16 th NBA season officially got underway when Coach Doc Rivers sent him into the game late in the first quarter of the Clippers’ 15 th game of the season.
When the Clippers’ 121-82 win over Chicago at Staples Center was complete, Jamison had logged 15 minutes, made 4 of 8 shots, scored 11 points, hit a 3-pointer and had three rebounds.
“He hasn’t played for 14 games and he came in tonight and stretched the floor immediately,” forward Blake Griffin said of Jamison. “He missed a couple early, but obviously he’s getting into the flow. His experience, his voice out there is huge for us. It kind of gives us a little bit of a calming factor.”
Jamison, who had offseason wrist surgery after one season with the Lakers, has been held back a bit by Rivers, who will turn to the veteran in select situations.
“I have just been holding him and I told him two days ago I was going to go to him in one of these two (weekend) games,” Rivers said. “But not in both, because I do not want him to play him in back-to-back games. I just chose to play him tonight, no science in that.”
Whenever Jamison is used, he figures to become a staple in the second unit that is headed by guards Darren Collison and Jamal Crawford.
“He’s great,” Rivers said. “He fits that unit so well because with Jamal able to score and DC’s speed, an extra shooter is a terrific fit for that group. Moving forward I will try to use him, except in back-to-back games.”
His presence was felt immediately by his teammates.
“I was happy for Antawn,” Chris Paul said. “I played a lot with Antawn in practice and watched him over the years. He’s one of those guys who’s just a pro. He works out every day, he’s going to be ready whenever Coach calls his name and that’s what he did.”

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