Clippers rising to the challenge on defense

After a slow start, the Clippers’ team defense has sneaked into a modest 12 th place in the league in terms of points allowed. Early in the season, the Clippers were close to being bottom dwellers.
“Just time,” Rivers said when asked what the reason was for the climb. “I was confident early on that our defense would come around. You could see it, then I kept saying that you know we’re (close).
“Now you can see the consistency in it and guys know now when they make a mistake, they know the mistake. That’s the next step. We have another level and that’s the next step.”
Rivers credits the help defense from forward Blake Griffin for one of the leaps the Clippers have made.
“A lot of people believe showing (help) is enough. We don’t,” Rivers said. “We believe the angle of the show on defense on pick-and-rolls (is important). His show angles the other night were the example of how far we’ve come. He was able to turn (Tony) Parker up the floor and get back to his guy underneath the basket over and over again.”

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