Clippers, Doc Rivers keep options open

Coach Doc Rivers said the Clippers will likely keep a roster spot open just in case they find another player who can help in some capacity.
“It’s nice to have the flexibility, it’s nice to look out there and see who’s out there and sometimes guys become available and sometimes they don’t,” Rivers said. “We did it almost every year in Boston and got lucky a couple of times, and sometimes it didn’t work. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the chance.”
During one All-Star weekend in New Orleans, Rivers grabbed a couple of Celtics and went to knock on the door at the home of P.J. Brown, who was not playing at the time. Brown eventually signed with the Celtics and hit a key shot in the playoffs during Boston’s championship run.
“He made the biggest shot in the playoffs,” Rivers said. “If somebody helps you win one game in the playoffs, they’re worth it.”

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