Is DeAndre Jordan the next Clippers all-star?

Doc Rivers has done his share of lobbying on DeAndre Jordan’s behalf. Jordan leads the NBA in rebounding and shooting percentage, is in the top five in blocked shots and (gasp) made six consecutive free throws Wednesday night.
Now it’s up to the Western Conference coaches to determine of Jordan has been truly All-Star caliber this season.
The seven reserves for each conference will be announced today.
“I’m looking forward to it,” Jordan said. “Whatever the coaches vote, I’ll respect it but at the same time, I have a game (Thursday) night and I’ve got to be focused on that. If I make it, I make it. I’ll be really excited, but if not it’s another chip I can add on my shoulder I’ll continue to keep playing like I’m playing this season.”
Teammate Blake Griffin, an All-Star starter, is backing his teammate fully but understands that every year, disappointment pops up around the league when someone is left out.
“Every year, there are guys that get snubbed,” Griffin said. “Last year if you look at Steph Curry, just off the top of my head, that’s a huge one right there. I felt like he deserved it. So for DeAndre, I think he has had an all-star year, but by no means does all-star define what you do for the season.”

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