Chris Paul back in form with Clippers

It seemed like a natural question to ask about the Clippers. After 18 games and a 12-6 record, how would Chris Paul fit back in with his teammates after recovering from a separated shoulder.
Jamal Crawford couldn’t wait.
“I’m excited because I think our team has grown,” Crawford said. “We’ve grown in this stretch. Even some of the losses, they’ve been tough losses. We’ve lost by a combined five points the last two games. I’m excited to grow with bringing back an MVP candidate with what we’ve been doing.”
Perhaps Crawford didn’t anticipate a 43-point lead the way they charged through the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday at Staples Center.
But there will be a difference in the Clippers. Blake Griffin’s steady improvement has included a new facet to his game, bringing the ball upcourt to help the guards.
“The only thing we did did different was outlet more to Blake, which I think will really help Chris,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “To expect Chris to push it up every time is hard and I think Darren (Collison) kind of didn’t want to do it and so that was why he was a cheerleader of ‘Throw it ahead to Blake.’
“It will make us even better now because Chris can push it and Blake can push it and it will actually in some ways make us even more dangerous.”

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