Danny Granger does homework on Clippers

Danny Granger was dealt from Indiana to Philadelphia just before the trading deadline, then worked a buyout deal with the 76ers so he could find his way to a contender.
That meant Clippers coach Doc Rivers could continue in his ways of recruiting, and the coach gave a tongue-in-cheek description of his tactics.
“It’s very similar to back in the days where you could just give college players money,” Rivers said, trying to keep a straight face. “I think that was far more effective. I think I would have gone to several different schools if people could have recruited me that way.”
His true recruiting secret?
“You beg,” River said.
He was begging from a position of strength based on the talents of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.
“I just remember how hard it is to defend (Griffin’s) screen and rolls, him jumping all over the place and all over people’s heads. It was very hard to defend,” Granger said. “To play with a guy like that is special and you’ve got to take advantage of the opportunity.
“I called David West (a teammate of Paul in New Orleans) before I even signed and I asked about Chris. He said he’s the most competitive guy he’s ever played with, he said if you do choose to play in Los Angeles you’ll love playing with Chris. He’ll do whatever it takes to win. He’s one of the greatest players he’s played with.”

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