Will Danny Granger become a starter for Clippers?

Danny Granger has had a second home in Los Angeles for seven years and has spent the summer months working out at the Clippers training facility.
On his first day as a Clipper, he got lost.
“I got lost walking in here, I couldn’t find the players’ entrance,” Granger said with a smile. “I must have been here a thousand times playing throughout the years and I still couldn’t find the players’ entrance to drive in.
“I drove around Staples (Center) like five times.”
Then in another twist, Granger, expected to be in uniform Saturday night after signing with the Clippers on Friday, was mysteriously left off the active list coaches must produce before each game.
While all of those procedural steps figure to work themselves out, Granger and the Clippers are looking forward to what the former all-star can deliver as his personal comeback from a knee injury continues.
Granger had to be won over by Coach Doc Rivers, who was battling several other teams, including San Antonio and Miami, for his services.
“Doc is a laid-back coach. That’s really kind of a breath of fresh air in the NBA,” Granger said. “A lot of coaches are sticklers about a lot of things. His laid-back nature is very appealing.
“His style of offense — they will run you to death, they get off a lot of shots, alley oops. It’s a fun way to play. That’s always a treat especially for an offensive minded player like myself.”
The 6-foot-9 forward will be a reserve for the time being but as het becomes acclimated, he could find himself in the starting lineup by the end of the season.
That would bolster the Clippers’ bench with Matt Barnes returning to a reserve role alongside Jamal Crawford and Darren Collison, who have been pressed into starting roles by injuries.
“I have to wait and see if Danny fits with us,” Rivers said. “Ideally, yes because of his length and it would allow Matt to come off and do what he does with his energy. But Matt’s doing well right now. It will all figure itself out.”

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