Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis starting to feel at home in casual Los Angeles

Glen “Big Baby” Davis has played in 10 games for the Clippers since being acquired from the Orlando Magic late last month. He admitted during a rather hilarious interview before Friday’s practice that it’s been an interesting transition.

“It’s been very scrambled,” said the 6-foot-9, 289-pound forward/center out  of Louisiana State.  “I just got my clothes.”

Has he been wearing gear? One reporter asked him.

“I’ve been wearing nothing,” he said, drawing heavy laughter from the assembled group. “I just got some new drawers. I’ve had like four pairs of drawers since I’ve been here. Wash, re-wash, so thank God for washing machines. Things like that. So, it’s been tough, you know, it’s been really brutal.”

All the while, he’s wearing a big smile.

“But, hey, I realize that in L.A., you can wear anything,” said Davis, 28. “You walk around and you see guys in five-star restaurants with cut-off jeans and, hey, it’s cool. I’m loving that type of lifestyle. I’ve been fitting in. I have no complaints.”