J.J. Redick frustrated, but sees some positives as he tries to heal his back

Guard J.J. Redick has missed the past 18 Clippers games because of a bulging disc in his lower back. He began practicing again Thursday and was back at it Friday at the team’s facility in Playa Vista. He is obviously not happy with being out so long, but he seems to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
He was asked Friday how it went Thursday.
“I definitely wasn’t disappointed,” he said. “A good step forward. I will probably just continue to get back in shape, but also managing the injury. There still needs to be a little more improvement. And it’s kind of a day-to-day thing. Some days are better than others.”
Redick said he would like to think he could play in Saturday’s game against Detroit at Staples Center, “but that’s not realistic.”
He’s not sure exactly what to think.
“A few weeks ago I kind of just relinquished the control aspect of it,” he said. “You want to control things, you want to say, ‘Oh, I’ll be back this day or that day.’ But this injury is weird and it’s been frustrating. My main thing concern is just long-term health and get my stuff right.”
Redick said the pain is minimal at this point, but he still has nerve issues that affect his right leg.
He was asked where he needs to be before he can play.
“When I can dunk, I’ll play,” he said. “I need to feel like I have my strength and endurance that way.”
Redick is averaging 15.7 points in 30 games.

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