Doc Rivers likes what Matt Barnes brings, including his edgy style of play

Matt Barnes has a reputation as being a hard-nosed player and a live wire, and sometimes it gets him in trouble with officials. Though he is not the league leader, he does have three flagrant fouls this year and two ejections. His coach, Doc Rivers, is not bemoaning that one bit.
“Well, I think half of that’s earned, half of that’s misunderstood,” Rivers said of Barnes’ stature. “But I don’t think you’re given a reputation, I think you earn one, for the most part. And sometimes if it’s not true, you have to live your life or whatever and try to dispell it.
“I like what Matt brings and I like his reputation. He’s on the edge, and that’s good. He’s keeping it clean, and that’s good.”
Well, somewhat clean, anyway.
Jared Sullinger of Boston leads the NBA with six flagrant fouls.

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