Doc Rivers admits he is concerned about ongoing injury to Jamal Crawford

Coach Doc Rivers on Thursday night admitted he is very concerned about the health of super sixth man Jamal Crawford. The guard averaging 18.6 points recently missed eight of nine games with a strained left calf. He came back to play well in five games, but came out of this past Saturday’s game at Houston with what was described as a sore left Achilles.

Crawford has subsequently missed the past three games – against Minnesota, Phoenix and Dallas. Rivers was asked if the Achilles injury is an offspring of the calf injury, but he answered in the negative.

“I think it’s all the calf,” Rivers said. “I mean, I know they use different words and things but I think at the end of the day this is the calf injury. And I was concerned when it happened because nobody was around (him). That always just scares the heck out of me when a guy gets hurt when nobody’s around. You know, that means that’s your body.

“If I collide with you, then it’s simple, I’m injured and I can see why. But when I’m just running down the floor and my body gives out, that’s always scared me.”


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