Stephen Curry responds to NBA statement that Chris Paul was fouled by Draymond Green

There has been lots of talk about that play with 18.9 seconds left to play in Saturday’s playoff opener between the visiting Golden State Warriors and the Clippers at Staples Center.

Chris Paul had the ball for the Clippers and was trying to get around a corner so he could drive to the basket. Draymond Green came over and fouled Paul, who lost the ball out of  bounds. The only problem is, the foul wasn’t called. There was a review of the play, but not for the purposes of whether a foul had been committed as that is not reviewable. It was to see who touched the ball last and it was Paul, the ball  being award to the Warriors, who were up by two points on their way to a 109-105 victory.

The NBA on Sunday issued a statement that said while officials properly reviewed what was reviewable, Paul was indeed fouled and he should have been awarded two free throws.

Stephen Curry, one of the Warriors’ two 3-point-shooting guards, reacted to the NBA’s statement at practice Sunday at UCLA.

“The ref was standing there and he made a judgement call,” Curry said of the non-call on the foul by Green. “The replay was in our favor. Refereeing, there’s nothing perfect about that. They make mistakes every once in a while and I’m sure during the course of the game, they could go back and admit they were bad calls. That was just a crucial moment in the game. I don’t like it myself. It takes away what we did as a team by mulling what could’ve happened.”

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  • Bill

    I’m sure the Clippers will get a bunch of make up calls Monday. It’s how the NBA works.

  • SurfCity

    I don’t think the Clippers actually realize how they look to their non-fans. They are known throughout the league as floppers. Now they known as cry babies too. I have no doubt that their team management cried about this loss to the league and the league made this statement only because L.A. is a big media market.

    If crying, politicing and complaining about the refs is what you feel you have to do to win, and if you feel good about yourselves doing that, then that reveals a lot about this team.

  • Son of Ahmed

    I’m not sure where contact is made on that play? Green reaches for the ball there is no discernible contact. And Paul loses the ball before Green gets close. The ref was three or four feet from the play.

    But I guess the NBA needs to address one of many bad calls in the game to justify what we are going to see tonight as they bring in a new crew of refs to “set things right.”