TMZ: Clippers owner Donald Sterling scolds girlfriend for associating ‘with black people’

TMZ has obtained an audio feed it claims takes place between Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, arguing about his girlfriend taking a picture with Magic Johnson at a Clippers game. The argument centered on Johnson being “black.”

Excerpts from the posted audio include:

“It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to?” Sterling said during one exchange of a 9-minute-plus video currently up on the TMZ website.

Here’s the audio from TMZ:

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  • ca$h money

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  • Russ Brooks

    Open mouth, insert foot! Nice going Sterling!

  • Wano Nymous

    He is afraid that his gold digger girlfriend is gonna get jungle fever. Once you go black you never go back.

    • Juan A. Casa

      Cuz you know what statistics say, Once you go black, You become a single mother.

  • Miguel de la Pena

    Breaking news – An old white guy said something kinda racist! If you listen to the audio the girl repeatedly looks for him to say something racist, and fails almost every time. The argument was about her making herself look like a whore in public, not racism. Oddly enough, the release of her audio could be seen as more whoreish than anything.

  • CalmDown

    Must we stop the show and get all crazy every time someone says something stupid? It would be a shame to punish the Clippers, after all the hard work these guys put in. Sterling is entitled to express his ignorant ideas in private, just as we all have free speech. Don’t punish Doc and company. Sterling will probably have to sell the team anyway eventually because he won’t be able to sign black players.

  • Derp

    Once you go black I dont want you back.

  • Dee Jamacek

    This is something that was said to his girlfriend and not to the whole world. However, let’s keep the pot boiling and Obama should have stayed out of it as well. Sharpton Jackson and Obama all want a race war.

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