Magic Johnson officially expresses interest in buying the Clippers

Former Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson is joined by WNBA president Laurel Richie in front of Staples Center on Feb. 5, 2014, to announce that he is part of a group buying the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Former Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson is joined by WNBA president Laurel Richie in front of Staples Center on Feb. 5, 2014, to announce that he is part of a group buying the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Despite his initially public denials, Magic Johnson confirmed the obvious.

He would like to be a part of an ownership group that buys the Clippers.

“I will be owning an NBA team sometime,” Johnson told a gathering of business leaders Wednesday at the Milken Global Conference in Beverly Hills, as reported by KPCC. “Is the Clippers the right situation? Of course. It’s one of the premiere franchises.”

Various league sources has suspected the Lakers legend would have such interest well before it was official NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a life-time ban to Clippers owner Donald Sterling for making racially insensitive remarks on an audio tape. Johnson sold his 4.5-percent ownership stake with the Lakers in 2010 and remains an unpaid vice president. He then became part of Guggenheim Partners, the investment group that bought the Dodgers in 2012. In February, Johnson’s ownership group also purchased the WNBA’s Sparks two months ago.

But Johnson had stayed silent, until now.

“I think the fans have already spoken,” Johnson said. “They would like us to own the team. But we have to wait and see.”

  • Shane

    You should buy the clippers and move them to St.Louis, we need an NBA team here and I like the clippers so it would be PERFECT

  • Pope Francis

    Magic set this whole thing up. I think he had Sterling’s ex girlfriend provoke Donald into making racial remarks, after all, it sounds very obvious in the audio clip that the woman wanted Sterling to say something racial to start this whole nonsense just so Magic can get the team Sterling never wanted to sell to him years back.

    • Caleb

      It does seem so. I’ve been saying that since the beginning yet the media won’t claim the obvious.

    • Revelation

      V. Stiviano is a true gold digger, sold the tape to TMZ, while fucking Magic behind Sterling’s back. Magic gave her a good idea and now he is using her to take over the clippers, yes Magic we accept a Nash, Johnson, Kaman trade for Cp3, Griffin, and dudley!

      • SunsFan

        You understand Magic has AIDS right? I don’t think he’s having affairs in general, and frankly I don’t think he’d allow her to go public with it and put it on instagram. Stop being so ignorant and do some research before drawing conclusions. There’s no proof that she sold the tape to TMZ in the first place and her lawyer is denying it entirely. You’re kind of just making stuff up.

        • noy abnoy

          i dont think he has AIDS!thats for sure after more than 20 years and nothing changes cmon…this is all a set up

    • Jeff B

      I am starting to believe that Magic had a lot to do with this as well. It just seems too beneficial for him.

  • James Morgan

    Haha NBA commissioner Donald Sterling gave a lifetime ban to Clippers owner Donald Sterling

    #proofreadfail lmfao

    • zach

      Uhm didn’t even say that, you read it wrong hahahaha

      • James Morgan

        Yeah they did. If it was you that actually wrote the story I see now it’s actually been edited correctly lol I’m not stupid.

  • Caleb

    Adam Silver is the commissioner. You have a typo there Mr. Medina

  • Clippersfan4life

    I think johnson has all the experience and all of what it takes to become an owner for the clippers. He should definetly come to the clippers franchise. We need someone better than Donald sterling to own the clippers franchise. Having magic be a part of this organization would be one of the best things that ever happened for the clippers

  • M W

    I hope not can’t be a lifer for the lakers and dealing with the clips

  • Shane

    Magic Johnson doesnt have AIDS, he has HIV, there’s a difference

    • noy abnoy

      so what now…do u really believe that

  • Shane


  • noy abnoy

    this is just wrong…set up a guy..then buy his company sounds like in a movies..this is more than just racism..this is criminality

  • OG Jays

    Magic/Guggeheim please DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  • Jose L

    Magic Johnson should buy LAC because he would be big in buisness

  • JJ

    Who the fuck said they wanted magic or that it would be a good idea?? Who the fuck is he talking about?

  • Cangri

    I think that the African Americans that I so much love exaggerate Cus if it was a black person saying the things Sterling said they’d laugh about it and take it as a joke… Including Sterlings betraying girlfriend…


    Fan who???

  • greg

    Great…now magic is going to the clippers bandwagon…what is with lakers fans and the clippers crossover…

  • For Oprah

    Obviously want Sterling gone but as a long time fan of the Clips I can’t stand the thought of such a prominent Laker owning the Clippers. Newsflash…Clippers hate the Lakers!

  • For Oprah

    I do not trust this at all. His heart is with the Lakers. I’m for Oprah and David Geffen. People who won’t trade Blake Griffin for a 2nd round pick because they have the ulterior motive of seeing the Lakers surpass the Celtics trophy count. He’d be as good an owner for the Clippers as he was a talk show host. (Don’t remember that? It was that bad!)

  • crazybodie01

    So MAGGOT Johnson was behind the who—e who taped the owner. I wonder what she has on MAGGOT Johnson. The Cookie is about to crumble.