Shelly Sterling expresses support for NBA appointing new Clippers CEO

Clippers co-owner Shelly Sterling said she supports the NBA’s decision to work with the franchise to appoint a new CEO that will supervise the team.

“I spoke with Commissioner Adam Silver this week to tell him that I fully supported his recent swift and decisive action,” Shelly Sterling said in a statement released prior to Game 7 of the Clippers’ first-round series on Saturday against the Golden State Warriors. “We also agreed at that time that, as a next step, both the league and the team should work together to find some fresh, accomplished executive leadership for the Clippers. I welcome his active involvement in the search for a person of the utmost character, proven excellence and a commitment to promoting equality and inclusiveness.”

“As a co-owner, I am fully committed to taking the necessary steps to make the Clippers the best team in the NBA. That has been my aspiration ever since 1981.”

The NBA made this decision five days after commissioner Adam Silver issued a life-time ban to owner Donald Sterling for making racially disparaging remarks on an audio tape.

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