Doc Rivers concerned about Mark Jackson’s firing, vulnerability of NBA coaches

When coach Doc Rivers met with reporters about 1:15 Pacific time on Tuesday in Oklahoma City, he had yet to hear that Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson had been fired.

The Warriors took the Clippers to seven games in their recently concluded first-round Western Conference playoff series. It marked the first time the Warriors had made the post-season in consecutive seasons since the 1990-91 and 1991-92 campaigns. Rivers was stunned.

“That means things are crazy,” Rivers said. “George Karl was the Coach of the Year last year and got fired. Mark Jackson gets a team to multiple playoffs for the first time in a thousand years, and gets fired. It’s our job. We have a tough job and I think everyone knows it now more than ever.”

Rivers was asked if something has changed over the years regarding coaches and their vulnerability.

“Yeah, clearly, but I don’t know what IT is,” he said. “But something has absolutely changed. And I don’t know what it is, but clearly the patience has changed. But I don’t know why that would be impatience because they’ve done pretty well for the last couple of years. So, I don’t know, but there definitely is a change in thinking about us, and it’s hurting us.”

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  • Big bob

    It is a sad day regarding Mark Jackson, it does not make any since nor is it logical. This man has made a difference and now some players do not want to be in the Warriors organization because the decision was cloudy. Now they will start trading some of the players and or new players do not want to be associated with a shady organization. I will not watch the Warrior again for I have lost faith in the way immature decisions are made. You complained about the coach and yet you fail to look at yourself or the people you believe who are telling you things against the coach.(judas)

  • Big bob

    In this world no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and we learn from them. I have followed the Warriors for many years and never been so excited watching the coach and players as I have for the 3 years Mark Jackson coached. I even bought many Warriors outfits. The decision to fire the coach is stupid and immature. Rather than supporting him it appear the decision was brought on by others who I call Judas. Just because someone owns the organization and got plenty of money does not mean you are right. So, underneath, what are you really like? A rich man has as much chance going to heaven as threading a camel through an eye of a needle.