J.J. Redick intimates team improvement bodes well for next season

As bummed out as the Clippers were following their Game 6 loss to Oklahoma City this past Thursday, ending their season in the Western Conference semifinals, they still had reason to take pride in what they did accomplish.

Take J.J. Redick, who the following day at the Clippers’ training facility in Playa Vista, expressed just that when reflecting on the 2013-14 campaign that saw the Clippers win a franchise-high 57 games during the regular season.

“I look back at the strides we made over the course of the season, and we are such a better team than the team that started in San Diego in training camp,” Redick said. “I’m looking forward to next year. … There are roster changes every year, but hopefully having our core group of guys back together because we really grew a lot as a team. The trust was starting to be cemented to a point where I thought we were a championship-level team.”

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