Clippers are poised to make a run

Time warp? This sounds like what Jamal Crawford was saying exactly a year ago, when the Clippers were still forging an iron-clad group that would subsequently win 57 games and survive God-knows-what when the playoff-time turmoil struck.
Staples Center was eerily quiet on Saturday. Quiet enough to hear chit-chat from the players. Even a slap of the hands before a free throw could be heard, and that was in the first half, before the Toronto Raptors were well on their way to a 110-98 win.
At this time a year ago, the Clippers were 20-11 and coming off an overtime loss at Portland, then beat Utah to start an 8-2 run.
The Clippers are 20-11 and face Utah Monday at Staples Center, with six consecutive home games to follow.