VIDEO: Check out Chris Paul screaming at DeAndre Jordan to put the ball back up at the end of regulation Wednesday

Chris Paul is intense, to be sure. When he missed what could have been a game-winning shot Wednesday night against the Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center, DeAndre Jordan grabbed the rebound. Thinking the noise he heard was the horn sounding the end of regulation, Jordan just held the ball over his head as Paul screamed at him to shoot. You see, what Jordan heard was the 24-second-shot buzzer, and there were still 0.7 seconds left when he took the rebound. He could have put the ball back up, thus Paul’s frenzied attempt to get Jordan to do so. Eventually, the Clippers lost 98-93 in overtime after blowing a 10-point lead down the stretch in regulation. Check out Paul screaming at Jordan to put the ball back up: