Doc Rivers: Some all-time greats will soon ride off into sunset

Paul Pierce


Paul Pierce/Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers

It was noted to coach Doc Rivers that the Christmas night game between the Clippers and Lakers might be the last time we see Kobe Bryant and the Clippers’ Paul Pierce play on Christmas. Bryant has already said he is retiring at the end of the season.

“I mean, I don’t know about Paul because he still loves playing and all that,” Rivers said of Pierce, 38. “He hasn’t had the injuries that Kobe has had, so that’s made a difference. We’re going through this golden age right now with not just Kobe, but Tim Duncan, Paul, KG (Kevin Garnett).

“I mean, there are five or six of the greatest players that ever played the game that we’re not going to see within the next two years and so I think we should cherish that ever time we see them, every time you’re around them. I think they deserve every bit of respect that you can give them.”