Doc Rivers liked joint effort with NBA in Blake Griffin saga

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin/:Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers


Doc Rivers on Wednesday in Boston was asked to talk about the way the Clippers and the NBA put their heads together to come up with a penalty for Blake Griffin, which turned out to be four games without pay, and an additional fifth for injuries he sustained when he punched out team equipment staffer Matias Testi on Jan. 23 in Toronto.

The five days of pay is expected to cost Griffin $859,442 of his season salary of $18,907,725. It will be donated to local charities for disadvantaged youth, and Griffin will donate his time as well.

Rivers said he liked the process, which included investigations by both the Clippers and the league.

“I think the NBA had a lot of say so in it, and so did we,” Rivers told the Associated Press. “And that’s the way it should work. I thought it was really well done in that light. They have more people that can investigate things than us because they do it all the time. I just thought as far as that went, I thought it was really well handled by both sides.”


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