Jarrett Jack: Players should boycott all games if Sterling still owns Clippers next season

Jarrett Jack, currently of the Cleveland Cavaliers and formerly of the Golden State Warriors, told Bay Area radio station 95.7 The Game that players should boycott all NBA games if Donald Sterling still owns the Clippers when next season rolls around.

Sterling has been banned for life by NBA commissioner Adam Sterling for his racist comments toward African-Americans released via audio on TMZ early Saturday morning.

“The thing I would propose is that nobody plays another game for the Clippers as long as that man is in control – period, point blank,” Jack said Thursday morning. “We don’t play another game until that man is removed – as a league. It’s not a Clipper issue, it’s a league issue and we should all take a stance on it.”


Jermaine O’Neal to have MRI after being leveled by ‘Big Baby’ on ‘dirty play’

One of the things Warriors coach Mark Jackson was asked about in Thursday’s post-game news conference following his team’s 100-99 Game 6 victory over the Clippers, was the play that sent post Jermaine O’Neal crashing to the floor.

It took place in the second quarter under the basket when the Clippers’ Glen “Big Baby” Davis plowed through O’Neal going for a rebound. O’Neal hit the deck and was eventually helped off the court. He suffered a sprained right knee, did not return and was scheduled to have an MRI on Friday.

“We’ll see how he feels moving forward,” Jackson said, alluding to O’Neal’s availability for Saturday’s Game 7 at Staples Center. “As far as the play, I didn’t get another look at it, so I’m not sure. I’m sure the league, which does an outstanding job of monitoring plays like that, will take a look at it and make decisions.”

O’Neal told USA Today he thought it was “a dirty play.”

Mark Jackson: Don’t compare Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan, because he’s no Jordan

Golden State’s Stephen Curry took only 10 shots in a Game 5 loss to the Clippers in Los Angeles on Tuesday. He scored a rather insignificant 17 points. Two days earlier, in Game 4 at Oracle Arena this past Sunday, Curry took 20 shots and had 33 points in the Warriors’ victory.

Warriors coach Mark Jackson was asked ahead of Game 6 on Thursday at Oracle Arena if he would like to see Curry take a few more shots early so as to kind of jump-start his team.

“I want him to be aggressive, but I want him to be smart,” Jackson said of his best player. “Do what the defense dictates, and he’s done a great job of doing just that. I think it’s important for us to get stops, and it makes it easier for him to get it going in transition.
But they do a good job in half court sets trapping him and forcing him to get rid of the basketball. But I fully expect him to be more aggressive.”

Another reporter (not this one) then had this question for Jackson: “Do you think if they’re trapping him and double-teaming him, you like him to pass it off? It seems to me sometimes that in a playoff game superstars emerge and assert themselves. I don’t think Michael Jordan said, ‘I’ll just pass the ball.’ They sort of take over. Isn’t this the time for Stephen Curry to take over.”

Jackson, respectfully, came right back.

“I appreciate that question, but this just in – Steph Curry is not Michael Jordan. He’s not my Michael Jordan. He’s not anybody’s Michael Jordan. I love him to death and he’s a heck of a basketball player. At the end of the day, Michael Jordan is 6-7, freak athlete, tremendous strength, cat-like quickness, the ability to maneuver, get to his spots and, in spite of great defense, shoot over them.

“Steph Curry is being trapped by a 7-foot freak athlete in (DeAndre) Jordan, or a 6-10 freak athlete in Blake (Griffin) along with a big-time defender at the point guard position in (Chris) Paul and whoever. There are times he (Curry) is going to be aggressive. Then there are times he’s going to look to make plays. I would argue the case that being too aggressive can force turnovers also. So he’s got to use wisdom, and I have confidence that he’ll do just that.”

Curry had eight turnovers Tuesday.


Oscar De La Hoya would love to own a piece of the Clippers

Lots of potential buyers of the Clippers have come out of the woodwork since NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday brought down the hammer on current owner Donald Sterling, who was caught on tape making several racist remarks about African-Americans. Not only is Sterling banned for life, Silver said he is confident he will get the 75-percent vote of the rest of the owners to force Sterling to sell the team.

Six-Division world boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya released a statement Tuesday evening saying he would love to buy a piece of the Clippers. Interestingly, another boxer – Floyd Mayweather Jr. – has said he would like to purchase the team.

“The league has made it known that it wants more minorities involved, and as a proud Mexican-American, I will bring a different perspective to the NBA in general, and the Clippers in particular,” De La Hoya said. “I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I know what it takes to run a successful sports entity and nothing would make me happier than to bring an NBA Championship home to Southern California sports fans.”

De La Hoya weighed in on Silver’s action on Sterling.

“I applaud NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his quick and decisive action regarding in the Donald Sterling situation, and his forward thinking will push the league toward a positive future,” said De La Hoya, 41, who last fought in December 2008. “There is no room for racism and unfair treatment in any professional sport, or in life in general. I hope to be a part of positive change for the league.”

It’s doubtful De La Hoya and Mayweather would ever join forces to purchase the Clippers as they really don’t seem to like one another much.


Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban good day for Clippers, NBA and anyone who despises racism

This is not the end of racism as we know it, but the lifetime ban imposed Tuesday on Clippers owner Donald Sterling by NBA commissioner Adam Silver was a good day for Clippers players, their coaching staff, their fans, the NBA and for anyone in general who despises racism.

Make no mistake, this was a stand-up-and-take-notice ruling. It will make other racists think twice about running their ugly and disgusting mouths. Way to go, Mr. Silver, you knocked it out of the park. Way out.

Blake Griffin doesn’t know why DeAndre Jordan had such an off game Sunday

DeAndre Jordan had 14 points, 22 rebounds – which tied a franchise playoff record – and five blocked shots in Thursday’s 98-96 Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena.

He had zero points, six rebounds and two blocked shots in 25 minutes of a game in which he was in foul trouble in the first half of the Clippers’ 118-97 loss to the Warriors in Game 4 Sunday.

His teammate, Blake Griffin, was asked in the post-game news conference if he believes the surrounding events – owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks – affected Jordan.

“I really can’t speak on that,” Griffin said. “I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. Everybody has games that aren’t as good as others. I think, honestly, I think we all really had one of those games tonight. So I can’t really … I couldn’t really tell you.”