I love a parade

A voice mail was left last week by Karen Davis, who introduced herself by explaining that she is chairwoman of the Pomona Jaycees’ 56th annual Christmas Parade, which will take place Dec. 1.

Davis had a request.

“We would like to invite you to be this year’s grand marshal,” she said.

I almost dropped the phone.

Me, grand marshal of a parade? And in my favorite city? I was so flattered I couldn’t think of anything to say but yes, so I phoned her back and said yes.

Davis was relieved, telling me that while everyone in the Jaycees thought her idea of inviting me was swell, they all said: “You’ll never get him.”

Really? Maybe I should have played hard to get.

Incidentally, I’m announcing my parade duties here as a bonus for those of you checking out my blog. (And thank you for doing so.) A longer account will appear in my column later this week.

Oh, and if turns out the Jaycees were just kidding: Never mind.

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  • Judi

    Hi David,

    Congrats on the Grand Marshall invitation. Is it the kind of parade where your float stops along the way and you break into a song and/or dance? Will you need to design the float, then ride on it with a giant parrot on your shoulder? Do you ride sideways down the street on a cavorting horse covered in silver tack? In any case, as Huell would say, “Wow!”

    -Judi 🙂

  • Gee, 5 posts and not a single comment. That must be a new record for a blog. At least the Pomona Jaycees love you.

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.


  • John Casey

    I too wish to congratulate you on your Grand Marshal invite.

    Actually, parades are not my cup of tea. When my children were in a parade in Chino I attended, of course.

    I may be the only native Californian to have never attended the parade of parades, the Rose Bowl. I have lived in the Inland Empire since 1960, so have had plenty of time.

    However, because I am a fan of yours, I may just show up to see David Allen, Grand Marshal.

  • Hmmmm, as grand marshal I believe that means you’ll have the distinct pleasure of being in between the Victory Outreach float and the Pomona Day Laborers Association flat bed (I kid you not, they always have an entry.)

    Perhaps you’ll see me there with Mr. Big. I’ll be the one with vines in my hair and pruning shears in my hand.

    So glad to have yet another Pomona-lover in the blogosphere.

  • Mr. Allen, congrats on the Grand Marshal gig….Guess I’m not the only fan, eh?

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I’ll be reading.

  • JoAnne McKaughan

    So, were they kidding or not? I personally think you would be great at it. However I haven’t been to the Pomona Christmas Parade since high school when I was in it as a flag girl for PCGHS. Before that it was as a Girl Scout.

    I would think you would be a sure bet for the Doo Dah parade, which I attended a few years ago. Maybe you could ride on the floating couches?

  • Bam Bam

    I sense that this is just the beginning for you. Who knows, dare I say it? Are those roses I’m smelling? Hmm?

  • Karen Crye-Davis


    I assure you we are not kidding. We are very excited to have you as our Grand-Marshal. Everyone I tell (with the exception of one councilman at the fair on Friday) is very excited.

    All my best,

    Karen Crye-Davis
    GM Properties
    Pomona Jaycees

  • Danny, Pomona JCI Senator

    I was at the meeting when Karen suggested you as Grand Marshal, we all thought it was a great idea! We were not kidding. I’ve mentioned it to some council members and they were a little miffed about it. Don’t worry, you are the first dignitary, riding well ahead of the council. Corvette or classic car? Danny

  • wyl

    Sports and classic cars are cliche. Tell ’em you want a Harley, Dave. You know you’re a motorcycle man at heart.