Restaurant of the week: Bravo Burgers

Bravo Burgers, 1215 N. White Ave. (at Orange Grove), Pomona; also 4968 Pipeline Ave. (at Chino Hills Parkway), Chino Hills.

Before Monday’s Pomona council meeting, I dropped into Bravo Burgers for a bite. It’s apparently a small chain operation, with an outlet in La Verne, among other cities. The one I visited is in Pomona, at Orange Grove and White avenues, next to DiCarlo Liquor and its neon champagne bubbles sign.

Nicer inside than you’d expect — Bravo, not DiCarlo — and my $2.85 burger was hot and satisfying, with a thick tomato slice, lettuce, pickles and onion. I like how it came not only wrapped in paper, but served on a paper plate. Made me think of a more genteel era when this newfangled item might have been called a hamburger sandwich.

Overall, I’d rank the Bravo experience up there with Golden Ox, Classic 66, K ‘n F and Samo’s, Pomona’s other contributions to burger excellence. I say bravo.

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  • Bravo Burger Fan

    The La Verne store is actually in San Dimas, on the corner of San Dimas Canyon Road and Bonita, in the shopping center where the Canyon Theatre used to be. I haven’t thought of Bravo Burgers in years. Now I want a chili dog and chili cheese fries.

  • Carlitos

    I love burgers. I gotta try that place. How are the fries?


    gotta go eat, thanks david.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Are you saying you used your reporting skills to grill ’em?

  • John Clifford

    I’ve had the privilege of frequenting Bravo a few times. The last time I was cued into their California Pastrami sandwich. Pastrami on grilled cheesebread with melted cheese and a nice slab of Ortega Chili. Greasy as it should be and delicious.

    AND, if you order chili cheese fries, don’t order anything else. They do them like The Hat which is a massive order. The same is true of their onion rings, again, as greasy as they should be.

    And I’m saying this as I’m starting a diet, at my doctor’s insistence, to try and trim a few excess pounds.

    At least you got something out of the night in Pomona.


    David….thanks for the write-up about Bravo Burger!! Been awhile since I was there but remember it well…yummo!!

  • tam

    You need to try out the beef quesadillas from there! Most underrated product there.

    [OK, I’ll give them a try. — DA]

  • Matt S

    Bravo Burger has a really great breakfast menu and the food is outstanding; try the french toast.